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Here are some of our most appreciated “Ideas”…rugged outdoor equipment: shirts, pants, outerwear, leather goods, accessories, hats, and gloves. We will be offering these again, one at a time, in limited quantities. Send us a note at with your most wanted and we’ll get it on the list.





A case of great debate

For one, it will never look soft, unconstructed and slouchy like those popular tan ones made of garment leather you buy in the City. You know, the ones that look stuffed to the gills and comfy as a goose-down pillow with even the slightest load. Ours probably has too many pockets inside… too organized for most. Worst of all, it’s even got a spot for cigars! Smells different too. Most leather goods made in Italy do, can’t help that. Probably won’t make the best-sellers’ list. Nonetheless, we hand-cut and stitched up a dozen just in case anyone’s inclined. Made in Italy, of course. 15” long, 121/2” high, 5” wide. 

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